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From the Otherside

Words just don't do it justice.

Holding your prayed for, fought for, beloved child in your arms for the first time is a life-shattering experience that exceeds human vocabulary.

I think we can tend to view our own life as a singular timeline...linear and episodical.

But achieving parenthood is like entering into another dimension entirely.

There's a timeline here, too.

We're just moving forward on a new plane.

This is just a check-in.

I'm not here to make any specific announcements or art updates.

But you should know...the wheels are turning at record speed now. New things are happening every day. I've never lived in such a richly creative time where so many things overlap, blend, and take shape.

I'm just trying desperately to catch everything.

I can feel these shimmering moments slip through my fingertips. There's not always time to make sense of it. Because living, capturing, reflecting, and creating are all cycling on a loop at once and I've never felt happier standing at the spinning center of my life.


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