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Dear 2016 | An Open-Letter

Dear 2016,

I hope that this doesn't come off as insensitive, but I feel the need to be brutally honest with you:

This letter was not originally addressed to you.

Seriously. I had no intention of ever writing you a letter. In fact, I started writing this letter weeks ago...for someone else entirely. You only entered into the picture as an afterthought.

The true recipient for this letter was originally none other than your predecessor, 2015. I can imagine that it probably stings. I've seen people praising your predesseor all over social media, blowing it kisses and waving it teary-eyed goodbyes. I've seen folks proudly showcasing their "Best Nine" 2015 photo mosaic and cushioning it with "Oh my darling 2015, I love you because..."

(Or something like that.)

So YES, I'll admit that I was pouring my time and energy into writing a letter to 2015. But it was far from a love letter. In fact, I sounded much more like a scorned lover than a thankful human being reflecting on a calendar year. For example, here's a self-depricating excerpt from one my letter to 2015 before I had it metaphorically burned:

This little exerpt summarizes the unfortunate tone of the entire letter. I whined and then proceeded to reprimand myself for complaining. There's nothing helpful or insightful about the letter I had written, but I will say it was therapeutical to write. Some things just aren't meant to be published. I mean, 2015 didn't need to recieve that letter in the mail. What would it say?

Hmm. Is that so? Well, sorry you feel that way.

So, 2016...

I have decided to turn all of my attention towards you.

You only came into existence 3 days ago, so you're still pretty new here.

But I sure am glad to meet you.

When the clock struck midnight, I greeted you warmly.

I actually stayed up to meet you.

(I don't usually do that)

I have fallen into you with full intention.

You are beautiful, in a mysterious kind of way. None of us knows exactly what you are hiding up your sleeve, but a little bird told me that you were going to be awesome.

I have chosen to believe it. (Who am I to ignore sweet little birds?)

I want you to know: I'm not entering into this with demands, ultamatems, or expected timelines. Actually, I think you'd be proud of me. I saw a really cute "2016 Life Planner" on Etsy that was totally calling my name. I DID NOT add it to my cart.

I'm not entering into this with outlandish resolutions or expectations for myself, either. I'm just not. I'm happy with where I am.

It's like looking back at previous relationships. They obviously weren't permanent, but were they a total waste of time? No. They gave us the opportunity to grow as individuals, learn through trial and error, and determine characteristics that we value for future relationships. I'm really not feeling bitter about things that didn't go as planned in the past.

I've been learning how to let go, have faith, and step away from things that are beyond my control.

Long story short, 2016:

I have a really good feeling about you.

You seem like you are going to be a really solid year.

And I'm really happy that my whining letter to 2015 transformed into a love letter to you.

(And a love letter to me.)

Faithfully Yours,


PS, 2016. Here's a "best nine" that I made just for you.


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